July Newsletter from Commanding Officer and Dog Robber

 POOLE WEEK is fast approaching. We have twenty three entries so far, (including Radials). The 21st to 26th August is the week you need to keep free – you know you want to! Make sure you take full advantage of the early bird discount and get your entry in by August 8th.  Gary Wakefield will not be the only sailor interested to know that thanks to Adidas, there will be a prize draw each evening, although I hope for his sake that events run a little more smoothly for him this year!









Nick Morgan


Ann      Keates


Jon Gorringe



Colston Nichols


Roger    Hakes


Iain    Read



Will Bedford


Mike Atkinson


David  Hartgill



Roberta Hartley


Iain         Read


Gary Wakefiled



Pete Taylor


Bob    Cudmore


Bob Cudmore


Sailing has continued apace at the club, and it is pleasing to see some new names fighting for podium places, although it must be acknowledged that the Monday









and Saturday Series are at an early stage. Nevertheless, Nick Morgan has been threatening the usual Monday leaders for some time now. Regular readers will also note that for several months I have been tipping David Hartgill for greatness – it’s just taking a bit longer than I thought that’s all! Will Bedford is at the youthful and fitter end of the fleet. When you couple skill to those other attributes, it is no surprise to see him doing well. I can’t leave this round –up without a mention for my old mate, Gary Wakefield (2nd in this issue!). Someone close to my heart and also in a position of leadership in the fleet commented to me the other day, “I see Gary has finally learnt how to hike”. Well, we can all see the difference it makes Gary: long may it continue.

IF anyone had ever said to me that Andrew Hartley was a ‘pot hunter’, I’d have been the first to jump to his defence, (admittedly not very high or quickly these days!), but when you are faced with the evidence below it is hard to dispute this seemingly scurrilous assertion. This could be the year when Andrew leaves the awards evening with more ‘chocolates’ than someone else in his family, namely        ——- (name redacted for health & safety reasons – ed.)



Andrew Hartley

Monday Part 1

Bob Cudmore

Saturday Spring

Bob Cudmore

Saturday Spring Mini Series

Roger Hakes

Wareham Race

Andrew Hartley

Round The Islands

Ann Keates

Swanage Race

Andrew Hartley


ANDREW’S progress to victory in the Swanage race was relatively serene, although, at one stage the spectre of being caught by Roberta, sailing with a radial rig, did raise its head. The long and difficult to read beat from Old Harry to the moveable in Swanage bay suited the likes of David Hartgill and Stuart Purchase who powered past Roberta to finish in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. I impressed myself by finishing the race (my second go in 22 years!), only to be told that last year’s Swanage race was even further than this one. Like the guys in Jaws, I think I need a bigger boat!

SO, what’s been happening a little further down the fleet? Eve Kennedy had a successful Monday evening (18/07) looking very impressive sailing herself to 6th and 4th in the two races. Trevor Annels’ appearances haven’t been as regular as usual this month but he did manage a podium finish (3rd) in a Wednesday night sail (22/6). Nigel Holland has continued to show a very high level of persistence and has been rewarded with several single figure finishes in the Saturday Summer Series. But taking the honours, for recording his first victory since getting back on the water, is Pete Taylor (1st in the first Monday night race on Monday 18th July).



Mark Scott


Bob Cudmore


Trevor Annels


Pete Taylor

FOR this reason, Pete is awarded our sailor of the month prize for July! He joins a star studded list:






FINALLY, BZs are due to Bob Cudmore for running a fantastic training session with the help of Mark Scott and budding camera man, Gary Hind, who still thinks it’s better for his back to sit on a bone shaking bike while he rides over myriad obstacles placed in his way by kindly race organisers- how does that work Gary?

Sail fast and fair,


Ann & John

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