December Newsletter from Commanding Officer & Dog Robber

HAS THE FORCE AWAKENED YOU YET? This is actually edition 13 of the newsletter saga rather than episode 7 of that well known franchise, coming soon to a cinema near you no doubt. If the Christmas festivities haven’t put you into soporific mode, you might like to remind yourself of the days when you were still energetic!

THE WINTER SERIES, yes that one that was warmer than Poole Week, is now over. A series that was scheduled for 12 races when only 6 races were sailed tells its own sorry story. However, it does show that the heart of our fleet is made of the right stuff, when you consider that our average turnout was over 15! Below is the printed result sheet for all those who managed a series: an achievement in itself! Your Commanding Officer ended in top spot- I remember reading somewhere in the Bible about the rich getting richer etc!


Commiserations to Iain Reid – the winds were against him on that last Sunday. BZs to Martin Lunn who was faced with a four hour round trip each time he turned up! Joint honours for sailing every race go to Nick Morgan, Donald and John; the latter takes the extra plaudit of having the lowest total score – surely there should be a mug for that John?

IF YOUR BOAT is in the yard and you haven’t obtained a perisher sticker from Ann, you either know people in high places in the club, or 2016 is going to start more expensively than you thought- we did warn you about this by the way!

THE PERISHER STARTS on February 7th. We’re supposed to be away ski-ing on that date but unless the global warming deniers can pull something out of the bag we might be forced to stay in sunless Dorset, (to be fair you can’t often write that about Dorset). If we do get away, organisational duties on that first Sunday are being carried out by Mark Scott. Look out for him in the boat park: he’s the one with the halo around his head!

FINALLY, a little quiz for you to work on during non-racing January; considering the six major series; Mondays, Saturday Spring & Summer, Wednesday, Wednesday Twilight and the Winter series. Two sailors achieved a full series in 5 out of 6 of them;(50% discards available, apart from Wed. Twilight): can you name them? One sailor stands out from the crowd as having achieved a full series in all six series: can you name him?


Sail fast and fair,

Ann & John

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