November Newsletter from Dog Robber & Commanding Officer

IN SEPTEMBER of 1966, The Small Faces had a number one hit with the song, “All or Nothing” When Steve Marriot and Ronnie Lane wrote this, did they have Parkstone’s Winter series in mind, I ask myself! It’s Sunday morning as I write this newsletter, and 40 Knots of breeze is battering the window pane of our ‘office’, (aka, an unused bedroom). Last week’s racing was binned because of no wind!

IT HAS BEEN a while since we actually sailed a race on a Sunday morning so positions in the table have remained static. Iain Reid is still in first place: he’ll have to hope that his firm keep giving him a free Sunday in this country! Ann is in second place, followed by another who is at the mercy of the sky gods, Chris Guy.

THE FLEET HELD its AGM last night; (Nov 28th). If you weren’t there and didn’t have a good excuse: shame on you! BZs to John Lyons who hopped straight off the plane from Singapore into the meeting. Not only that, he managed to stay awake and make sensible comments all the way through. Since I have trouble completing those two tasks on any day after 9pm., I was well impressed!

THE AFTER-MEETING CURRY was well attended (20+), and your newly re-appointed class captains continued the tradition of using class funds to provide some liquid accompaniment to the excellent food.

ATTACHED TO THIS NEWSLETTER are the minutes of the AGM and an analysis of our turn-out figures. These differ from the club’s official statistics, partly because of measuring different things but also, I suspect because the club’s official data concerning the numbers of Lasers at the club does not match up to our understanding. One thing that both sets of results show, though, is that a large number of Laser sailors only turn out for a single race or race day in a series. The reasons for this are varied but they do, arguably, warrant further investigation. What definitely needs to be investigated is the number of Lasers that, according to the club, have entered the Saturday and Wednesday series but haven’t sailed a single race. One of those listed, I have learnt, no longer has a Laser and hasn’t had one for two years: the plot thickens! I’ll let you know in a subsequent letter, what I discover, (although I suspect that Donald probably knows the answer).

THE WINTER SERIES concludes after racing on December 20th. You will be expected to remove your Laser from the club as soon as possible after this date and definitely so before Christmas. The exception to this is the intrepid band of regular Perisher sailors for whom the Commanding Officer has arranged a deal with the club which will enable you to leave your Laser in the yard between the end of the Winter Series and the start of the Perisher Series (and obviously during the Perisher Series). If it is your intention to avail yourself of this arrangement, you will need to speak to Ann in order to acquire an official sticker to place on your boat. Lasers, without this sticker and left in the yard will incur a hefty financial penalty payment.

AS IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS, I thought I’d offer you this idea to suggest to your other half as a present for you!


P.S. Its a marble bath



Sail fast and fair,


Ann & John

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