October Newsletter from Commanding Officer and Dog Robber

NOT exactly a letter from America but this is a newsletter from a mate’s Spanish villa. It’s not yet 9a.m. in the UK but the temperature here is a balmy 24 degrees centigrade! Don’t feel too envious though because the outdoor pool is a bracing 19 degrees.

IN September’s issue I reported in error about the Wednesday Series. It had indeed concluded but there was an omission of one set of results. The amended results are as follows: 1st place Ann, 2nd place Mike Atkinson and third, Roger Hakes.

THE start of the Wednesday Twilight Series had a familiar feel to it- as Logi Berra said, “It was Deja Vu all over again”. Under the old rules, Mike Atkinson would have been forced into second place since Giles would only have needed to count two results. (Last year Mike needed to win the final race but couldn’t because he was doing his rescue duty). The same thing happened this year but our decision at the AGM to only have one discard meant that Giles had to count a DNC. So, Mike came first and Giles third. Sandwiched between them was Mark Scott- the list of achievements on his prize giving mug is lengthening by the series!

THE Saturday Summer Series contained a few surprises. Mike Atkinson winning it wasn’t one of them; (remember those five 1sts in a row at the start!).Donald edging Andrew out of second place might have raised a few eyebrows in the Hartley household. David Hartgill securing a fourth place might look like an unexpected event but if you have been watching him sail off into the distance each week, (as I have!), you won’t be that surprised. You may remember I tipped David for the non-winners race in September’s Newsletter. Well………

THE Non-winners trophy was sailed on the penultimate Saturday of the Summer Series. My ‘horse’ did not bring home the bacon, (sorry about the mixed metaphors). You may recall that the Non-winner’s race trophy is awarded to the highest finishing sailor in that race who has yet to win a race during that season. A nice point is whether you can disqualify yourself from winning the trophy by actually crossing the line first in the non-winners race, (talk about last chance saloonism?). This year’s award goes to someone who put all her calamities aside: Hayley Hughes.

OK. So that’s the round up finished. What can we look forward to? Well there’s mark’s mini-series coming up this week-end, (the last in October). Also, there’s the Laser AGM in November – check the fixture list on the web-site. I’m pretty sure that unless you want to get rid of any of the existing team, there is no danger of you getting a job. So, there’s no excuse for not attending is there?

FINALLY, we have the Rugby World Cup to look forward to. Spare a thought for our very own Kiwis, Courtney and Andy as they watch the All Blacks representing New Zealand for, as Lady Bracknell might have observed, ‘To lose two world trophies may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose three looks like carelessness’.


Sail fast and fair,

Ann & John

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