September Newsletter from Commanding Officer & Dog Robber

SEPTEMBER, the ninth month of the year, comes from the Latin, ‘septem’, (in English, seven). How does that work? Answers on a post card please! But, more importantly, you need to know that meteorological autumn began on September 1st, thus signifying the end of summer; which is why it has stopped raining and the sun is out- 21°c as I write this!

WHAT ELSE HAS ENDED? Well, Poole Week for a start. The events of this very successful regatta have been published by several authors in various publications – the in-house ones are on Mark’s web-site. 

THE WEDNESDAY EVENING SERIES has also concluded. It was a 16 race series which gave rise to 7 different race winners, (Roger, you weren’t one of them!). All our series seem to have been quite closely fought and this one was no exception. The top three places were separated by just 3 points. ‘Captain Cornerbanger’ came third with 18 points; Roger Hakes was next, leaving your Commanding Officer at the top of the pile.

THE MONDAY EVENING SERIES finished with two drag races in a fitful breeze and fast fading light. Roberta had no need to indulge in such frivolity, having already secured her position as ‘Top Sailor’ for Monday Nights! Had she been there, however, I am sure she would have enjoyed the spectacle of Colston being chased around the course by Sheila Burton, sailing in Ann’s Standard sail. Tyrone Carpenter also had a good night, almost needing more than the fingers of one hand to count the boats behind him in race two. This far exceeds the target he set himself at the start of the season. He was the first to admit, though, that he may have left his surge in form a little late for this season, There’s always Sunday mornings Tyrone! David Pratt will have been pleased with his mid-fleet position in race one, just missing out on a single figure result by being beaten by Colston who had worked tirelessly to ameliorate the problems caused by sailing the worst 1st beat in history!

IF YOU HAVE HAD a conversation with Andrew Hartley, in the boat park, (and let’s face it, you probably have!), and, more especially about his sailing in the Saturday Summer Series, you, like him, will no doubt be of the opinion that he would be winning it, if it hadn’t been for a Lemony Snicket-like series of unfortunate events. You might be surprised to learn, however that his wife does not share this belief! I am being a bit unfair on Andrew, of course, because he’s intelligent enough to recognise the fantastic performance of Mike Atkinson. 5 wins in the first five races of a series is bound to make you the bookmakers’ favourite. Mike’s done his best to even things up by following this start with 5 DNCs. More recent results have been respectful enough, however, to make it unlikely that he will be caught by Ann or Donald or, indeed, Andrew. As I write this, David Hartgill is lying in fifth position, and if suitable conditions arrive on the ‘Non-winners Race (Sep.19th), I might be tempted down to said bookies and put some money on him winning the trophy.

AWAY FROM CLUB SAILING, Charlotte Church organised a successful rounders afternoon in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care and, in conjunction with another event held in May, managed to raise over £100 pounds. I’m sure it is not too late to donate to the cause if you still so wish.

A LITTLE FURTHER away from club sailing, the Commanding Officer and Mark Scott attended a Masters event at Arun. I have received reports of tricky winds, awkward conditions to and from the course, and of good racing. Mark came 12th in his fleet and, in hers, Ann came 7th.

I OFTEN END the newsletter with some sort of quip, but on this occasion, it isn’t appropriate. You may not know that Pete Taylor has given himself, family and friends a nasty scare. He’s on the mend thank goodness but it’s likely to be a little while before we see him back on the water and/or in the bar. Take care Pete, we’re thinking of you.

Sail fast and fair,

Ann & John

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