July Newsletter from Commanding Officer and Dog Robber

OUR first series results are in! The Saturday Spring series was completed on Saturday June 27th. The final race was a fitting finale in the eyes of some, more of an endurance test for others. Who’d have thought Swanage was so far away! The podium places went to Roger Hakes, (note the final ‘s’, Yachts and Yachting!), 10.0 points, Colston, 14.0 points and Captain Cornerbanger, 22 points. Ann beat Roberta, in their usual titanic struggle, by one point. Mark Scott enjoyed a creditable 9th place. Chris Guy was unfortunate in having to count a DNF as one of his series – this was something to do with leaving early to catch a plane. Apparently, even though he’s the driver, it wouldn’t wait for him –how does that work? Another pilot with a similar dilemma was Iain Reid who was forced to count a DNC in his series. Equally notable was the return of Andrew Hartley with third places in the final two races of the series – another case of what might have been Andrew?


BIG MONDAY was big – it’s official. We’ve sent reports to Y&Y, (it’s there on-line but is about to drop off!) and Gybe; the latter was impressed by our turn-out of 54 boats. Not everyone claimed their free drink, and despite the valiant attempts of the Dog Robber to persuade the Commanding Officer that our offer meant that 54 pints should be shared amongst those present, sanity and sobriety prevailed and the latter kept a very tight grip on the raffle tickets, (Donald, even you wouldn’t have been able to snaffle any!).


OUR PUGILISTS from Pevensey have returned, not exactly covered in glory but nothing to be ashamed of either! Of the boys, the leading sailor was Bob Cudmore, coming in at 25th. Mark and Colston had a week-end of mixed fortunes, (Mark’s account on the web-site is there for your delectation). Colston had a poorly ankle but was still in better shape than Mark’s boat after the journey to the venue. The girls, Ann and Roberta did what they always do, but somehow, inexplicably, they allowed another boat to finish between them, (finishing positions were 13th and 15th respectively). As you can tell from Mark’s account, it was a very trying three days of sailing that tested mental and physical qualities to the full – well done to them all for keeping the Parkstone Laser Fleet flag flying proudly in foreign parts. Their efforts in the bar were equally impressive!

POOLE WEEK is fast approaching. We have twenty three entries so far, (including Radials). The 23rd to 28th August is the week you need to keep free – you know you want to!


ON THE SOCIAL side of things, Hayley is planning a charity rounders game/match/competition? This is in conjunction with Charlotte who ran last year’s ‘girls’ night in’. As you can see, this year it is a day out and I believe those of the male persuasion will be allowed to attend – the idea being to raise money for Macmillan Nurses. So far, planning is in the initial stages but in terms of timing, the end of July – beginning of August is currently being mooted: watch this space!


A FINAL THOUGHT from GK Chesterton to leave you with…….

“Let a man walk ten miles steadily on a hot summer’s day along a dusty English road, and he will soon discover why beer was invented”.

Sail fast and fair,


Ann & John

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