June Newsletter from Commanding Officer and Dog Robber

Remember: Big Monday June 29th fifty boats needed!

OUR SECOND TROPHY RACE of the season was, like the first, won by the Fleet’s Commanding Officer. It was a ‘Round the Islands’ race that was untypical of the season’s racing so far, in that, for the most part anyway, it was extremely light.  Those that got right the tricky beat to John Pipe claimed to have worked out that there was only going to be wind from the right or left edges of the beat. Hence the Dog Robber’s attempts to be wisely conservative and plot his way up the middle of the course resulted in a triumphal last but one rounding of the windward mark! A desperate attempt to avoid winning the Snafu trophy again was aided by the wind filling in from behind, allowing him to catch up the pack by Piccadily, and it is pleasing to report that Colston has put in an early bid for winning said trophy with a rather spectacular grounding of his boat in the region of Goathorn Pier.

OUR SECOND SOCIAL EVENT of the Laser calendar, a barbecue at the club with free drink offered, passed off very pleasantly. A small, but select, number of the fleet was able to partake in an evening of sociability and repartee, despite a loud band attempting to create a more physically active party atmosphere. To be fair, they weren’t bad, but it would seem that most people wanted to chat and drink – yes, in describing our evening, ‘sobriety’ would not be a much called upon word! It’s almost certain the fleet’s social secretary would have enjoyed it immensely; had she only been able to stay!

SERIES RACING is now well into the season. Monday Night is almost half way through its allotted number of races. Roberta is still hanging on to her lead but is being hunted down. The Saturday Spring Series concludes in two Saturdays’ time, and it looks to be a close race between Roger, Mike and Colston, although those sailing a radial might spring a surprise.  The Wednesday evening races continue to surprise and mystify in equal measures. Apart from some bizarre race management decisions, there has been a number of scoring issues. However, I think it is fair to say that Roger, Bob, Mike and Jez are all in the frame for a series win, although if we continue to have heavy weather sailing, Ann might complete a series sailing a radial, in which case the men might not have it all their own way; but at least we won’t cry about it – don’t blame the Dog Robber; Professor Tim Hunt said it not him! The club’s official scoring system operates less discards than our own which can lead to some anomalies. If I were Nigel Pearce, I would show my wife the club’s official version of Saturdays’ results since they have him currently in fourth place.

 Good luck to Ann, Bob, Colston, Mark and Roberta in their quest to be masterful this week-end at Pevensey. Our intrepid band is sailing in different rigs and also different fleets – you may remember that Masters Events are divided into age categories. Fear of reprisals prevents the Dog Robber from reporting which of the group will be sailing within which age group!

Hopefully, like us, you have been enjoying your racing this June, and like Robert Burns you’ll continue to enjoy it, 

‘Till all the seas gang dry, my dear, 

And the rocks melt with the sun’. 

That should take a while in England, even with global warming!

Sail fast and fair,

Ann & John

IT WOULDN’T BE the proper newsletter without a reminder to use the fleet’s web site to help you to keep up to date with Parkstone Laser Fleet matters. For example, you can find there details about Big Monday, June 29th.The address of the web-site is: http://www.parkstonelasers.org.uk


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