May Newsletter from Commanding Officer and Dog Robber

“Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,

And summer’s lease hath all too short a date”


WISE words from the ‘Bard of Avon’: last Monday’s (18th) races certainly lived up to this expectation. Our short summer season is well under way so now might be an appropriate time to present a synopsis of events so far. There are 17 races officially recorded on our web-site, (there are a few problems with recording that have yet to be resolved!), and we already have 10 different winners. John needs the odds shortening much more than that though if he is going to have a chance in the non-winners’ race!

OUR FIRST TROPHY RACE of the new season, (The Wareham Race), was won by Ann. The race Officer was constrained by the fact that there were three different ‘Oppie’ courses on that day which meant a short beat to an inflatable, followed by an uninterrupted fetch to WH5 – just off Rockley Point! The next mark to be rounded was WH 14, which, according to the Club coursebook is 1.3 nautical miles to the south west of WH5. This provided a tiring and tricky beat; at least it did for John! After that, it was offwind all the way to NC 12 via WH5. Depending on to whom you spoke, the decision to stay in close to the Ro-Ro terminal or to stay out right either paid or didn’t or made no difference! What is beyond dispute was that it was a long old leg.

MONDAY NIGHT RACING has, as ever, been close fought. Roberta Hartley, Andrew Taylor and Jez Crowther are tussling for the top spots. Some emerging talent in the form of Courtney Suckling has left his rivals from last year struggling in his wake. Monday night has already seen 45 sailors hitting the start area at one time or another. What we need to do now is co-ordinate our appearances for BIG MONDAY which is currently scheduled for some time in mid June, (more details will be published). Remember, we are attempting this season to top the fifty mark. Last year we managed 47.

 THE SATURDAY SPRING SERIES is shaping up to be a battle between Roger Hakes, Colston Nichols and Donald Macdonald. You can probably guess, therefore that Saturdays have been, by and large, pretty breezy. A few light races might let Emma Aish-Lyons into the frame, however, and will certainly improve her chances of staying ahead of her dad and brother – impressive bragging rights on offer there Emma!

THE IMPORTANCE of triangulation in journalism has been brought home to me in my attempts to discover what has been going on during Wednesday nights’ sailing. The Commanding Officer, who has sailed nearly all of them, was unable to provide this budding journalist with any salient facts apart from the winner of the first race of the series, which just happened to be her! To be fair, Ann has quizzed a number of sailors who reputedly take part on Wednesday nights, but any details that have emerged don’t really have any ‘legs’, (real journalists will no doubt tell me I’m using the wrong terminology). Anyway, for those of you that like a story without a strong plot line, the following news is believed by at least some of the sailors involved. Ann, Ian Reid and possibly Jez Crowther or Mike Atkinson have won a race: apparently, Roger Hakes hasn’t. You see what I mean about finding it hard to believe everything you’re told? I also asked Ann to find out what points of interest there had been only to be met by a bemused look, but I do know that at least one evening provided food for thought, when a combination of timing errors and inaccuracies with flag signalling led to a two tier start amongst the fleet. Since the members of the first tier, (illegal starters all!), either failed to finish or didn’t do very well, or are only sailing one or two races, an executive decision was made to let the results stand. Apart from that, Wednesday night sailing is a mystery. Hopefully the computer glitch that is causing this will be sorted out soon.

THE ARRIPAY passed off successfully, despite the attempts of the wind and an open event in the top triangle to create chaos, so once again Donald deserves our thanks for organising the running of this event, thus raising the kudos of our fleet. 

ONLY A MONTH TO GO until Mid-Summer’s Day. If you’re still not on the water yet, here’s an image of summer from John Clare to get you in the mood:

“I love to see the summer beaming forth

And white wool sack clouds sailing to the north”


 Sail fast and fair,

Ann & John


IT WOULDN’T BE the proper newsletter without a reminder to use the fleet’s web site to help you to keep up to date with Parkstone Laser Fleet matters. For example, you can find there the dates of the Laser Masters Nationals, the Laser Nationals and our club’s big summer event – Poole Week. Have you entered yet?

The address of the web-site is:


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