March 2015 Newsletter

IN THE PERISHER, it has been a case of whilst Roger’s away Mike will play! Although Roger returned from his sojourn in India in time to defend his crown, he has been foiled by the Venti who have had their say, however, causing the last race of the Perisher to be cancelled. The podium places were as follows: 1st: Mike (71), 2nd: Roberta (10) & 3rd: Roger (47).

THE LASER FLEETS’ annual celebration of another Roman God, this time, Bacchus, has come and gone. Nearly thirty of us had the pleasure of enjoying good food and company, as well as copious amounts of the afore-mentioned beverage. Our guest, Ally Tyler, (‘deserted’ by her poorly partner –the Hon. Sailing Secretary), handed out prizes to our successful fleet colleagues and also managed to collect a prize  herself – the Bell prize being awarded to her absent parents for their sterling support of those intrepid Masters who went to Hyeres in the autumn.

A NUMBER OR US accepted Hayley’s invite to join her at the dogs and, by the end of the evening, several of our number achieved a fiscal balance that George Osbourne can only dream of. Colston, however, employing a much more flamboyant approach to betting, played his part in keeping the dog track in profit!

ON THE SUBJECT OF wasting money (or not), don’t forget to enter Poole Week before April 10th. This will save you a considerable amount of cash. I realise, of course, that some of us won’t be able to decide until much nearer the date, but if you’re in a position to commit now – go ahead and save yourself 25%!

THE EASTER SERIES is just around the corner – let’s hope for a more balanced blow than this weekend’s offering. 

THE MONDAY SERIES starts on the 13th. This is always a popular series, and it would be great to keep the numbers as high as possible. The first evening of the series is generally pushed for light so make sure (if work permits?) that you give yourself time to get on the water. We will be starting on time – 7.00 pm with two fairly swift races to follow. Let’s make this season’s Mondays the best ever both in terms of numbers and of behaviour at the marks, especially the windward one after the first beat. A reminder: infringing a rule on Monday Night only incurs a tack and a gybe penalty, (although, if you infringe the Gate Boat by barging in, you might be requested to retire!).

THE SATURDAY AND WEDNESDAY Series begin on the 11th and 15th of April respectively. You have been requested by the club to sign up for two duties by using Duty Man. This is in addition to any Monday Night duties that you are asked to do by Ann and John. It is a good idea to do this since the consequence is that you will be allocated duty dates, and it will be your responsibility to arrange a swap if your allocated dates are personally inconvenient. If you are working for Donald on The Arripay, it will count as one of your duties, but make sure you have been entered on Duty Man, otherwise you might be clobbered for another duty.

IT WOULDN’T BE the proper newsletter without a reminder to use the fleet’s web site to help you to keep up to date with Parkstone Laser Fleet matters. For example, you can find there a summary of the key Laser sailing dates (mostly at Parkstone but there are some external events).

The address is:

Sail fast and fair,

Ann & John

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