Perisher Races 9 and 10

Another good stiff breeze put us well over the half way mark in the series, with only four weekends left. At the moment, Roger Hakes has a five point lead, but the chasing pack are tightly bunched and ready to pounce if Roger falters. Slightly off the pace with only two 2nds today, Roger said in the second race he tried to get angry, but that just made Colston go faster.

The forecast prompted some of our star sailors to go Radial today, which looked like a good choice in a south westerly averaging 20kts and gusting into the high twenties. An unfortunate gybe in the second race put Hugh out of action with a broken kicker. The downwind journey back to the beach can’t have been fun.

It was great to see Hayley chalk up her first finish of the series, but Gary Hind’s worries about peaking too soon seem to to borne out with results today that were a long way from the dizzy heights of the 1st he recorded a couple of weeks ago.


Sail Fast, Live Slow !

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