Newsletter February 2015

February Newsletter from Commanding Officer & Dog Robber!

GARY HIND has lived up to last year’s reputation as the ‘Mars Bar Trophy’ winner, (‘best improver’), by notching up his first race win in the Laser, in the 1st race of the third  Perisher Sunday: a win in very light and tricky conditions, with several lightweight ‘greyhounds’ in the following pack to boot!

REMINDER: On Saturday the 28th. The Laser Fleet is going to the dogs (Martin Pearson has been saying this for years of course!). Seriously, Hayley has organised this as our first formal social event. Details are on Mark’s web-site, (so easy to use even I can manage it!- details at the end of the newsletter).

THE DATE of the dinner is March 21st. The venue is La Lupa on Poole Quay. Attached to this newsletter is the list of menu choices and details of timings. Please return this to Ann & John as quickly as you can. The e-mail address is, Places are limited so make sure you get your order in first. The cost is £20 and receipt of your menu choice will be taken as a commitment to attend. You can pay on the night (cash is the preferred option). N.B. if you are unable to attend, once your menu choice has been received, except under extraordinary circumstances, you will be required to pay a charge of £5 (this is to cover the deposit that will have been paid for your meal).

WE ARE delighted to announce that the new Hon. Sailing Secretary and his partner will be attending this event as our guests. In addition, you will be gratified to know that there are sufficient funds in the kitty to continue the tradition of providing some wine and non-alcoholic drinks on the table. Consumers of other types of beverage will have to fund this for themselves.

THE ANNUAL DINNER is combined with the Annual Prize Giving ceremony. If you are in possession of a trophy from last year please make sure that you return it immediately to the main office at the club. We are about to begin the process of having engraved the various cups with the names of the new holders.

AS EVER, a reminder to use the fleet’s web site to help you to keep up to date with Parkstone Laser Fleet matters.

The address is:

Sail fast and fair,

Ann & John


La Lupa Menu Choices

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