January 2015 Newsletter

January Newsletter from Commanding Officer & Dog Robber!

A Janus note for January (just!)

FIRSTLY, congratulations go to Roger Hakes (1st), Jez Crowther, (2nd) and Colston Nichols (3rd): the holders of the podium places for the winter series. Mark Scott’s prescient description of the winter series as being, ‘all or nothing’ was pretty much correct. This combination was not to the taste of a number of us which makes the efforts of the eleven sailors who achieved a full series all the more impressive. John and Hugh Lyons win the reliability prize by only missing one of the twelve races sailed.

LOOKING in the opposite direction, tomorrow sees the start of the Perisher Series, and we have already received a goodly number of entrants. Recent communications between us and the club have revealed the latter’s intention to take a more ‘hands on’ approach to this event. To this end, we have been instructed by the HSS to hand in copies of all entry forms to the club. Those of you who intend to sail tomorrow but have yet to fill in an entry form will need to make sure that we have a copy of your signed declaration before you go on the water. At this stage, it is not clear whether this new development heralds a change in the club’s attitude to this informal series, but the content of the messages from the club’s officials indicates that they are beginning to feel that the club has some responsibility for the event. The consequences of this dawning realisation are, as yet, unclear, apart from that already stated. The first race is likely to be a cold one, so wrap up warm!

THE annual dinner will, once again, take place at ‘La Lupa’s ‘, on Poole Quay. More details will be sent out shortly, but, essentially, there will be a selection of fixed price menus. We are hoping to continue the tradition of providing some wine from fleet funds, but we need to see the state of our finances before we can formally make that commitment. The date of the dinner is March 21st. If you are in possession of a trophy from last year please make sure that you return it to the main office at the club as soon as possible.


FINALLY, a reminder to use the fleet’s web site to help you to keep up to date with Parkstone Laser Fleet matters.

The address is: http://www.parkstonelasers.org.uk


Sail fast and fair,

Ann & John

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