December 2014 Newsletter

December Newsletter from Commanding Officer & Dog Robber!

Those of you who attended the Laser AGM will know that Ann and I have been elected joint Fleet Captains:  I leave it to you to decide who is the CO and who is the Dog Robber (naval experts in the fleet will explain the term).

It is our intention that the main information channel to the  fleet will be via the website ( Should this present you with an insurmountable problem, you can e-mail us on

OK. So the first bit of business is the Perisher series. We have arranged for storage to be available, without the requirement to take boats home for the January period, to those people who intend to sail the Perisher; but, if you require this, you are going to have to pay storage and entry fees at the same time, and before the end of the Winter Series. Details of how to do this and how much to pay are attached to this newsletter and will be posted on the web-site.

The fleet will need volunteers to man the committee/safety boat. It is hugely to our advantage if people who are not intending to sail the whole series would be prepared to act as PRO/ARO for one or more of the races. This will help to keep up numbers on the water. You can find details of dates on the Notice of Race which is attached and also will be on the web-site. We will be extremely pleased (as will Colston, no doubt!), to receive your availability via the e-mail address given above.

As I write this the forecast for Sunday (7th) looks wet and windy. Fingers crossed that it’s dry.

We hope to put out a newsletter each month but after this first one it will only be available on the web-site so get on there! Any problems with doing this, get in touch with Mark Scott, but it is so easy even I can manage it.


Sail fast and fair,

Ann & John


Perisher Entry Form






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