Winter Series ?

Winter Series always seems like a misnomer in early October when the water is still warm and the weather clement. The series is notorious for being all or nothing weather-wise, and for the first race on October 5th, it looked like being nothing. The faint-hearted didn’t bother launching – only the Lasers and Darts showed any enthusiasm, but eventually thirteen Lasers drifted out to the platform for a delayed start at about 11am. As it turned out, patience was rewarded as the wind backed to SE and filled in to about 8-9 knots, allowing a short windward-leeward course of three laps to be set between Why Jewelers and an inflatable near Oswald.

The start line was heavily port biased and the beat a little one-sided but Gayle Moore got away to a good start and lead for most of the race. She was knocked briefly off the top spot during the second lap by Rob Penson, but squeezed past him again on the run and held her lead to the finish. A patchy breeze and uncertain calculation of when the ebb would start meant there were some fortunes to be made and lost mid-fleet, but in the end it was Gayle, Rob and Jez on the podium.

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